Real Objects Made by Real People.


Crown Nine

is the flagship boutique of 'Best Of' jewelry designer Kate Ellen, and named Top 100 Shops 2014  by the San Francisco Chronicle.  Kate Ellen creates rare engagement and wedding rings using antique diamonds and sustainable materials in her lofted studio above the shop, located in the heart of the historic Old Oakland neighborhood.  

Real Objects means all our products are made by hand by real folks who are making a living on their art. The shop typically carries over 20 jewelry artists ranging in style, form, material, and technique. We also showcase the work of some of our favorite makers in fragrance, ceramics, home accessories, artifacts, and artwork.

Kate Ellen & Jim 'The Dude'

is a Bay Area native, a former teacher and social worker who was called to metalsmithing in 2008. Jim is her her most triumphant shop dog. Kate Ellen crafts her work to look and feel handmade with rich textures that look like archaeological discoveries dug up from the earth in subtle, wearable ways. Her bridal and art-jewelry lines are two different forms of the same expression.

"Jewelry has always been a way to be me in the world.  The expression is part visual, but mostly it's all in the process of actually making--quiet time at the bench is where I feel most alive. I love the fire, the dirt, the mess, the tools, and ultimately the beauty that emerges from all that."



"Kate Ellen Metals has a rough, hard-to-place timelessness that seems not of this world - or of this century." San Francisco Chronicle


Shop Captain

Christina is a jewelry junkie/ creative guru/ friendly face. She runs the daily operations of the shop, is a great person to consult when looking for the perfect engagement ring, and is just a lovely gal to just have a chat with. Her debut collection of jewelry is housed in the showroom; it features weighty/sleek designs that conjure warmth and remembrance. She also holds it down like-a-boss at Femme Cartel.


Shop Second Mate

Caroline Weaver is a metalsmith with a formal sculpture education from CCA. You can find her on the showroom floor and working closely with Kate Ellen on creative projects.




Studio Assistant

Erin Cuff works closely with Kate Ellen upstairs making jewelry. She mastered metalsmithing at Sterling Quest in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato Mexico. She is currently working on her debut collection to be housed in our main showroom.


Former Studio Assistant

Solee worked with Kate Ellen for two years. Now living in Vancouver, you can find her incredibly unique and radical work in the shop, at and on Instagram @soleedarrelljewelry.