How to design your ring from a distance


Selecting, modifying, and creating your unique engagement ring or wedding band is always a very personal process. At Crown Nine most of our local clients visit the shop a few times and consult with our team directly while trying on styles, but we also have extensive experience working collaboratively with clients who live outside of the Bay Area via Zoom, FaceTime, and some even just via phone calls and emails. The process is fun, zero pressure, and actually fairly straightforward. 

Get to Know the Collection

The first step for anyone interested in partnering with us is to first view our extensive Vow Collection, designed by founder and goldsmith Kate Ellen and produced in-house in our upstairs jewelry studio above the retail showroom. We have over 100 styles of wedding bands and engagement rings featuring the highest quality and most responsibly sourced raw materials, gemstones and diamonds. This is a starting point for all our clients— look and see which styles speak to you; many can be modified with simple or deeper revisions to make it more specific to your style and story. They also serve as a great basis for doing fully one-of-a-kind designs.

Book a Virtual Appointment

Next step is to book a consultation with our team to chat. We will ask you questions not only about your backstory and personal style, but also practical considerations of your lifestyle and how best to select or modify designs to fit effortlessly into your real life. We also can share our extensive educational resources on diamonds, sapphires, sustainable sourcing, recycled metals— we can go as deep as you’d like or just do a brief overview. We also can talk about any heirloom materials you might have and want to incorporate into your final design; we can reuse stones and metals in many designs. We do not work on commission so these appointments are never uncomfortable or pressure filled— we believe this purchase is an extension of your story and worth waiting for the right moment and right design. We will even offer your referrals to other jewelers if you are still in the shopping phase.

Personalized Follow Up

After your consultation, we will put together notes about everything we discussed as well as personalized resources for you. This may include images, references from previous work, or a tailored virtual try-on video with audio recording walking you through the options side by side. These videos tend to be 5-20 minutes long and cover anything that we’d cover if we were in store together side by side. A lot of our clients are loving this take away because they can refer back to it again and again, rather than relying on memory for an in-store try-on.

Making Modifications

Some clients will discover through this initial session that they would like a modified version of one of our styles, and we would then set you up with CAD renderings of the proposed changes for you to view before deciding. These renderings come at a fee which is treated as a deposit toward your final purchase if you decide to move forward with a design.

Selecting a Gem

Most of our clients leave it to our expertise to select a diamond or sapphire on their behalf, but some relish the fine details and want to see a selection of stones side by side prior to deciding on the “one”. We offer gemstone viewings remotely as well (and have for years) and can arrange a personalized selection of stones for you to view through a series of photographs and videos in varied lighting. This service is a flat fee on top of your purchase and is a exciting way to add one more layer of customization to your final ring.

Selecting a Ring Size

We will send you a complimentary ring-sizing tool to your home for you to measure and get a starting size for fit. We will use this measurement to consult you on the best size option for the ring you’ve selected, and each purchase comes with a complimentary resizing.

Approval and Payment

Once you have decided on your final design, you’ll receive an invoice for the total of the project, once paid in full we will get busy making your ring by hand, with the utmost care to detail ensuring it to last for generations.

Completion and Delivery

Once your ring is completed, we will photograph it and then contact you for shipping it directly to your doorstep with a special insured delivery service, or curbside pick up for local clients.

Education and Maintenance

Once you have your ring, we will provide you with some basics on care and routine maintenance so that your ring always looks as good as the day it arrived. We will remain partners with you in keeping your ring in pristine condition with complimentary cleanings, inspections and limited repair warranty. 


We’re here to serve you


Our passion is making beautiful, intentionally sourced heirlooms that speak to your life story. We love knowing you, making connections, and remaining a part of your lives. 

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