New Beginnings

We’re closing up the retail boutique and focusing 100% on our virtual and online services.

Why are we making this shift?

We make our work from a place of inspiration, and that requires feeling safe. Accessing artistic inspiration is just too difficult when we're rightly worried about the health and safety of our team, families, and clients. Mental health counts as a vital health concern too, as is our impact on all vulnerable communities each time we choose to go “out”.

Since March, I’ve been playing it week to week, reading the news and trying to gauge a safe time to resume retail. Unfortunately, as a country our response has been...well, I don’t need to go into all that—you’re paying attention, you get it. As a business, we can't sustain planning week by week; we have to switch to a long-term strategy.

We have gratitude to those who have already trusted us to make your rings remotely, and honestly, can I say that it has made the process more aligned with our shared values. More intimate. More, dare I say, satisfying.

What does this mean, practically speaking?

Clients will not be allowed into the shop, though we will be offering curbside pick ups for locals. All of our work will be virtual— with our same welcoming, intimate, zero-pressure approach. Not much else changes though-- we’re not moving/closing our location (maybe one day we'll reopen the doors!).

Making this decision has been truly liberating. For months I'd been acting as if there was some magical pressure valve about to be turned down at any moment. Just accepting that the pressure is up is absolutely freeing-- now we can make real choices on how to deal with that pressure in a loving, human, kind way.

We're leaving room for all the important things: my two young children, earth, activism, gratitude, music, movement, food, friendship, quiet-- all we need as artists to be fueled and sustained. And we’ll put THAT in all our work.

I have a ton more to share, will post soon. Until then I remind you to connect with what is most human in you, too. You are worthy of love, peace, and joy right now, exactly as you are. Stay human my loves! And see you online <3