Alameda Antique For Amatuers

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 The monthly Alameda Antique Faire, sometimes called the Alameda Flea market, is held every first Sunday of the month at the Naval Base in Alameda.   I went this month, breaking all the rules of a true Alameda antiquing expert.  Here are the top tips for shopping the market, and how amateurs prefer to do it: 

 1. Arrive Early for the best items.  Yeah, I totally showed up at 12:30 and paid the reduced entrance fee, there was still a ton to see even as some vendors start packing up early.

 2. Bring Cash.  I brought just enough cash to eat lunch.  Not having cash in my pockets was probably a good thing, most likely spared me from some unfortunate impulse buys.

 3. Go with a Plan, Mark up the Map.  Ya, no plan, no map, just a lot of wandering around and getting lost.  It was aimless yes, but also totally relaxing.

 4. Start at the Back, Work Your Way Forward.  Um, does weaving back and forth in indecipherable circles count?  I was sorta looking for a guy who sold me some cool boots once, or a leather purse, or a cool hat--all of which I couldn't have even bought (see #2).

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