Insta Love


I admit it, I am a total Instagram fanatic. Unlike other social media trends, however, I feel totally proud of my love.  I see it as a gathering place for people who have a creative spirit and artistic eye, who tell exceptionally beautiful stories though imagery.  I remember taking my first photography class in high school, and how when I started to think about the world in terms of capturing a photo, it sort of opened up the world to me in a new way.  With an eye behind the lens, you get drawn into the moment, you stop and see, stop and feel the 'right now' around you.  That is why I love Instagram.  I get to see those moments in other people's lives, and have a forum to share mine, the result: inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite people in my feed.  I really appreciate people who are doing something absolutely original, who have their own unique voice.  These ladies are total stand-outs.  Enjoy getting to know them!

1 // @folkfibers   "Handcrafted quilts and naturally dyed fabrics. Living my dreams, deep in the heart of Texas."  Stunning handmade quilts, plus shots of her bunnies, backyard clothing line, and hand dying.  

2 // @evakolenko  "Advertising/Editorial/Lifestyle Photographer."  Beautiful food, design, garden, and new baby shots, as well as behind the scene images of her photo-shoots.

3 // @stitchandhammer "Designer and Maker."  Gorgeous and understated images of her leather studio,  Colorado landscapes, and visits with other creatives living the 'maker' dream.

4 // @arielealasko "Furniture Builder in Brooklyn, NY."  Unbelievably lovely images of her work-working studio, home, and wood spoon obsession.