Mitsuro Class This Sunday

This Sunday afternoon I will be teaching a really special technique that is close to my heart: Mitsuro.

Mitsuro is a technique dating back to 760 AD in Japan, and is an art that is being kept alive by a very small group of artists.  I started experimenting with the wax myself, but it's a super finicky formula that changes with the weather, the seasons, and the quality of the ingredients.  I have finally found a recipe that I like to use, a modification from one that an artist in Washington shared with me.  It takes a few hours of cooking, I do it in my kitchen in a pot, and the house fills with an incense-like aroma of pine resin and beeswax.  

The real draw for me to Mitsuro is how free and loose the process is.  Usually when carving waxes I am planned out in advance, I have a specific thing I am intent on making.  With Mitsuro, the process is totally guided by the material, I can only make it do so much and I have to make quick decisions and not get attached to any particular outcome.  I think part of the reason why I am so attracted to jewelry crafting is because it really gets me connected to some spiritual lessons I need to learn about acceptance, patience, letting go, and being present in the moment.  You really can't bully or force your way through the craft, which is a great check on my temperament which tends to be fast moving and forward-looking.  I love being at my bench, being totally quiet, and letting the practice alone be enough.
In the class, students will learn about the history of this craft, which is only being practiced by a handful of American artists, as well as how to source ingredients, how to cook your own recipe, and each student will get to choose an object to cast in silver.  Students will also go home with a small batch of the wax so that they can begin practicing right away.
Email me if you have any questions about the class: