Insta Love // Installment Three

As you may know, I love Instagram.  I love seeing the creative ways people approach their photography, and I tend to follow a lot of artists and creative types.  It's an inspiring little thing to do while I have some down time.  Here are my favorites this week:

1// @sarahswelljewelry  [Oakland, California based jewelry designer. Precious metal treasures made by hand-the real deal.]  I love Sarah.  Not only as a friend, but I totally admire her as a fellow jeweler and she has a killer Instagram feed.  I mean, come on, look at her signature Fishbone series, it makes my heart skip a beat every time.  We carry some of her work at Crown Nine, they really are little treasures.

2 // @avfkw  [Textiles. I love them. And food. And plants. Natural dyes too. Preferably made in the USA.] Kristine is the shop owner of A Verb For Keeping Warm, an amazing Oakland store for knitting, dying, spinning, quilting, and all things textile.  I love Kristine's feed because it's full of dye vats, shiburi, and the behind the scenes on how fabrics are made.  

3 // @justinhager [Get at me.]  Justin is an artist, I especially love his hybrid posts.  They are so perfectly wrong, a grafting of two unlike units of pop culture into one hilarious mash up portrait. It kills me every time.  Other favorites: Danzig with Wolves,  NWA Team,and Little Wayne'sWorld... and pretty much all of them.

4 // @waywardspark [Off-grid forest living, beekeeping, goat milking, barbecue baking, organic farming, woodworking, and raising two cute kids in rural Western Oregon.]  Pretty much sums up how my fantasy life is being led.

L O V E + M E T A L