Looking back through some old photos I found this one by my talented friend Philipp Striebe.  Brings me back to a totally different time in my life, when I was still getting my feet under me and I was crazy obsessed with making jewelry (I still am!).... and I have to say, I'm kinda sad I sold that ring!  I know that the woman who owns it is a total rockstar when she slips it on, so I don't regret that she's out there somewhere strutting her stuff and feeling in charge. I still sell this ring in silver, but this is the original with the dual tones.  I've learned over time to not sell my originals, they have a special power--it's all love, sweat, blood (literally sometimes), and really captures a place and time.  For me, this ring is my old studio in my Dad's basement, coming off a gnarly heartbreak, door open to the garden, listening to Paul Simon or Tupac on blast, and just feeling overwhelmed with inspiration, feeling the fabric of my live changing forever.