GO FAR // Indian Springs

This is my place.  When I have just come off a grueling project, accomplished a monumental goal, or am celebrating a significant day, this is my place to go.  Just about a two hour drive on the scenic roads of the Napa Valley, Indian Springs Spa and Resort is just a skip away, but once you're there you feel like you just jet-set your way to heaven.  I went with my cousin Sarah, owner of The I Do Studio, to celebrate finishing a 14 week business class at Renaissance Center in SF and completing a business plan.  

The biggest draw for me is the pool.  Filled with natural sulfur hot spring water, the pool is a warm, therapeutic, relaxing sanctuary.  In order to get access to the pool you must either be a hotel guest or get a spa treatment.  I usually get either a volcanic ash mudbath served up the traditional way by the sweet women who work in the mudbath room.  You get in naked, get covered with heaping, heavy mounds of warm mud, and then you just get to lay there, sort of hovering in a weightless/ weighty otherworldly meditation.  It's weird, relaxing, and great for your skin.  Otherwise I just book a massage, like I did on this trip.

What I love most about Indian Springs, besides the pool, is that every little detail of the place is intentional, cared for, beautiful.  It is so rare to enter a space so carefully and lovingly designed, it really does make you feel appreciative, cared for, and engulfed in beauty.  Such a lovely reminder for me to take care of the small things in my life, to love and care for my space and objects.  It really does increase your sense of well-being.

After our incredibly relaxing and massages and day in the pool, we took off to head home.  I really didn't want to leave, I felt like I could just bliss out for a few more days and then I would feel refreshed and ready to hit the grindstone again.  So instead of rushing home we decided to stop at Farmstead south of downtown St. Helena on our way home.  There we enjoyed an incredible dinner outside by the fireplace, sipping on regional wine and toasting to our bountiful day. 

L O V E + M E T A L