A Rarity // Behind The Scenes with Eva Kolenko + Brian Enright of 12 Sticks

Another Rarity design launched yesterday, and now to show you the behind the scenes photos I took when EVA KOLENKO and I visited the shop of Oakland jewelry artist, Brian Enright of 12 Sticks.  Brian works out of The Crucible--working as an instructor and renting his own work space where he creates jewelry and industrial art, furniture, and custom wood projects.

The Crucible is a dream come true if you are interested in anything having to do with fire, building, and awesome tools.  Brian gave us the tour of the jewelry studio, machine shop, and we passed by the Smithy and welding areas, all with baby Parker in tow (how cool that this kid gets to go to so many cool places and see her bad-ass mom work, kind of puts 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' in its place!).  Anyway, hope you enjoy xo.