This is Oakland // Love is Love

It's about time!  I'm so thrilled that ALL Californian's can legally marry.  This is a big deal, and even though it wasn't the sweeping result we were hoping for, it along with DOMA reversal seems like a momentous start to that end.  I celebrated with queer and straight friends in the streets of Oakland, people dancing, kissing, shouting, waving flags and rejoicing.  I snapped a pic at the festivities and won the Visit Oakland Instagram photo contest this week with my image of the party!

I cannot tell you how many times I have welled up in tears this week: listening to deeply personal stories, reflecting on all the people who fought so hard for this day, watching couples embrace proudly in public as married  or soon-to-be married people... the energy has been totally electric.  I can only imagine that this year's Pride will be incredible!

My favorite part of my job is working with couples who are deciding to get married and commit themselves to one another--I stand humbled and in awe of people who can do this.  I love hearing the stories of first encounters, first dates, first kisses, obstacles overcome, and I especially love being "in" on an proposal surprise and getting the happy news that the answer was "YES!".  A true romantic to the bone, I guess I am in the right god-damn line of work!

Celebrate with Pride this week California!  #loveislove

L O V E + M E T A L