Marriage Equality // Elena and Marlene

My dear friends Marlene and Elena were featured in this beautiful video story in the SF Chronicle about their lives together, I just teared up watching the two of them so I had to share with you all.  Marlene was one of my studio mates at The Hive, I met her right when I was really digging in and starting Kate Ellen Metals.  She was always an incredible bright light and positive, encouraging friend to have nearby.  When she and Elena decided to adopt, I held my breath with them through the long and emotional ups and downs of waiting for their baby to come to them.  When Nia finally arrived, it was beyond magical.  And that girl is LOVED.

The Supreme Court is expected to hand down a decision in the next week or so that has the potential to legalize gay marriage [here is Washington Post article about what is at stake].  I am holding my breath with the now majority of Americans who believe that same-sex marriage should be legal.  It is about love, equality, and what is just plain right. And it's about time.

Enjoy this lovely video; let's hold our breath together as this important moment in history approaches.  May love prevail!

L O V E + M E T A L