On Repeat // Volume Two

Not sure about you, but I spent my youth crafting mix tapes for my friends.  I had one of those huge boomboxes with a cassette to cassette recorder, and the big deal feature was that you could put it on Dubbing and it would record at chipmunk speed.  And you had better been ready to stop the tape when the song ended, otherwise you had to stop, rewind, record a blank sound, and then start your next track.  Let's just say it was an art.

That said, crafting mixes has sort of died along with the rise of easier to use technology.  I miss it.  That is why I am super excited to share with you my new mix project.   I just re-discovered Myspace [of all things, right!?] and I am in la-la-love!  I have been quietly crossing my fingers, waiting for the decline of Facebook [sorry] and maybe this is it?  Whether or not, it now has a awesome feature that allows you to create playlists and share them, so that is how I will share with you my favorite tracks from now on.  

Mix Tape Game On.

Simple click here >>> and it will take you to my MySpace profile [I cannot believe I have one of those again] and the mix should be ready to queue up.  You can leave comments there too, so hit me up it you like something.

1// EPMD [It's My Thing]

2// Fleetwood Mac [Hold Me]

3// Richie Havens [Here Comes The Sun]

4// Mountain Men [Animal Tracks]

L O V E + M E T A L