THE TRAIL // Pirates Cove

Sundays have become my day to go out and hit the trail.  I love waking up early, driving in the empty streets and arriving to a trail head for a run.  I typically go solo and use it as a time to reflect, rejuvenate, problem solve, and get connected.  Plunk me down in the outdoors and I'm a happy girl.

This past Sunday I ran one of my all time favorite trails, Pirate's Cove at Tennessee Valley.  To access this trail, you have to get off 101 at Mill Valley/Highway 1 exit and take Tennessee Valley Road to the main parking lot.  The main trail is paved part of the way, but then you lift up into the hills and the trail runs parallel to the ocean until you have an incredible view of Muir Beach.  You also get panoramic views of San Francisco and Marin.

Here was my Route, a 6.84 mile loop with a 1624ft climb [map]

Start Tennessee Valley Trail Parking Lot
Take Tennessee Valley Trail to Coastal Trail
Continue on Coastal Trail/ Pirate's Cove
Enjoy the view or walk down to Muir Beach
Return on Coastal Fire Road to Coyote Ridge Trail
Take Miwok Trail down back to parking lot

Dogs are not allowed on the main Tennessee Valley Trail, so if you want to bring your pup I would do this trail backwards, start by going up Miwok trail and after looping back on Pirate's Cove, take Coastal Fire Road trail to Coyote Ridge back again.

Start here (unless you have your mutt with you)

See that trail going up the hill?  That's where you're heading

Coastal Trail

Coastal Trail/ Pirate's Cove

View of Muir Beach

When you get to the Coastal Trail/ Coastal Fire Road junction above Muir Beach, you can take a sidestep to this little outlook spot.  Not for the faint of heart, it feels nimble and steep.

Coyote Ridge Trail

L O V E + M E T A L