New Arrivals for Your Weekend

So many lovely new things to play with! 

Welcome San Francisco jewelry designer Kirsten Muenster with her bad-in-a-good-way chain-maille inspired heavy metal works of art.  Each is so meticulously made, with incredible patinas that develop on the body with wear, making each piece personal and unique.

Corey Egan dropped off some new works, including these stunners: a solid silver spine hoop that gets the shivers going up the back for-sure.  Plus some dainty Aspen 14k studs, and her silver and diamond Aspen ring among other delights.

To pair your ring-bling with equally cool nails, we started carrying Best of the East Bay nail enamel, Floss Gloss.   My favorite include Pony, Bikini Coral, and Neo Nacho.  All pro-grade without any of the nasty chemicals, designed in San Francisco and made in right here in the Bay.  Stay tuned for a super DL event we're hosting for our loyal clients and Instagram followers...

L O V E + M E T A L