RARITY // Behind the Scenes with Sarah Swell + Eva Kolenko

There are days when I am totally amazed by the job I made for myself. When I envisioned becoming a jeweler, one of the things I was looking for in my life was more time spent with creative, inspiring people. And blam-o, here I am all these years later, hanging with two amazing and inspiring women who continually blow me away with their grit and eye for beauty. Sarah Swell and Eva Kolenko are total comrades who have taught me many things about life and supported my business in uncountable ways.  Friendship, business support, inspiration...not so bad, I must say.

Sarah and I have studios fairly close to one another, so I often pop by for errands and to bug her for no good reason. Eva had yet to check it out, so she brought baby Parker along and snapped all theses amazing PHOTOS for Rarity. Sarah made a excuse-my-language-outburst worthy necklace/ring, a silvery slithering serpent with a green diamond eye. You must see it >>>.

Here are some of my favorite outtakes from hanging with these girls. Enjoy.

L O V E + M E T A L