This is Oakland // Hawthorn

Last Friday I headed over to HAWTHORN for a trunk show with Amanda Bassolino of VOCE KEEN (a line we carry at our store) to celebrate the launch of her latest collection, Untamed.  Her pieces are earthy relic-like treasures, as if dug up from some primitive landscape.  And any chance I can get to visit store owner Laurie Lion and her No. 2 maiden Laura Akida, I am in.

Recently I made a vow to stop shopping "fast fashion" and instead buy fewer, better things.  Laurie is doing something really remarkable at Hawthorn, introducing more and more Made in the USA brands and more ecologically friendly lines over time, which totally jives with my new buying philosophy.  It only makes sense, I ask my customers to do the same--to slow down and really pay attention to quality, craft, and material to simply have less, enjoy more.

The mix on the floor at Hawthorn is so lovely, the fabrics are so luscious, you can absolutely feel the difference between your fingertips.  I decided to splurge on super-extra soft muscle tee from Cotton Citizen (Made in the USA) and Mother Denim jeans.  And that will be my clothing purchases for a while, so I'll have to be extra good about taking care of them. So if you see me in a muscle tee, just know that it's my new uniform, proudly proclaiming a "fewer, better things" type philosophy.

Here are some outtakes from my fun evening out with theses creative ladies:

VOCE KEEN artist, Amanda Bassolino

Fresh squeeze grapefruit + tequila punch, yes please!
We had to take a quick Cazadores break, standard.

My spoils....
Oakland artist Shayna Roosevelt did this tote for the Hawthorn maidens...
Lion cub, Jackson, tried on some super hot denim
Shop Ace, Laura, caught wearing a dress
L O V E + M E T A L