First Friday // Recap

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the exhibition of works by Veronica Rojas for First Friday. We were lucky enough to have many visitors from Creative Growth, all of whom seemed like a art family.  We also had our very first sound performance with Veronica's dear friend, Halo Between, which got everyone to dance, think, laugh, and engage.  

You can see Veronica's surrealist work for the month of August, Wednesday- Saturday (closed August 9th-20th for summer vacation).    You can also read a beautiful interview with her about her process with Crown Nine columnist and photographer Britt Goh here >>>.  

My Dad

Gallery Curator Barie Wolf Bowen

Bourbon cupcakes by Isabelle

Real snail shell given to Veronica as a gift by a friend

Sound Artist Halo Between


L O V E + M E T A L