Summer Sojourn

I'm leaving tomorrow for a road trip with my best friend to the Grand Canyon.  We are driving to the Mojave desert, camping at both the South Rim and North Rim, and may even hit up Zion in Utah.  I also just found out that we'll be there during a meteor shower!  I can hardly wait to hit the road, hike the trails of the canyon, watch the sunrise and sunset each day.  

I often talk with other creatives and artists about how they deal with getting out of a creative rut, how get inspired, stay fresh, and develop new work.  I like to call "Taking care of the Eye".  The thing that makes any artist valuable is their unique perspective in the world and their ability to call that perspective into being and give it form.  So when I have creative friends who are weary with from exhaustion, stress, or anxiety, I really encourage them to take care of their Eye.  Nurture it and do the kind things that help it see better.  

For me, taking care of my Eye requires traveling and being outside.  I write a lot about this in my column The Trail, but definitely getting out of town and pulling away 100% from the business of being an artist is so vital to feeling inspired enough to create new work.  I see the world so differently when I take these breaks.  My mind first softens and relaxes, then begins to race with fresh, new ideas.  I rest.  I recuperate. I see myself and my place in the world clearly.  I sharpen my vision.  I sturdy myself for the next round of intense making.  

I will post a series of stories about my trip when I return, but in the meantime you can follow the play-by-play via Instagram.  Otherwise I'll catch you in a week, I'll be back in the shop on August 21st and back in the studio soon after.

L O V E + M E T A L,
Kate Ellen