Catch Up // Happenings + Inspiration

It's been a packed couple weeks and though I've been taking lots of photos, I haven't put together posts on each topic.  Instead of fretting or letting photos go to waste, I've created a mash-up cheater post to share with you ....everything all at once!  Sneaky-sneaky...  and enjoy xoxo

Emma Robertson of Emma Dime and Lo Crosier of LoCro invited a bunch of ladies over for happy hour at their co-joined studio spaces {dreamy}.  Also check it: Emma's book just came out!

Made this little rosecut diamond ring for Heather and Jon.  Jon actually made the band himself!

After getting back from the Grand Canyon and Zion, I was hungry for a good view... so I went for a 10 mile run on Mt. Tam.  Lovely.

For some reason I got a crazy craving for oysters, so I drove out to The Marshall Store and ate a dozen BBQs with a buddy.  We then stopped at Tomales Oyster Co. and picked up a sack to BBQ at my childhood friend's house in West Marin.  This here is a Golden Nugget, a name right after my jeweler heart.

Uh, did I mention we got featured in SUNSET MAGAZINE?!  Guess I should have mentioned that, it was such a huge honor!  My neighbors Marion and Rose + Umami Mart were featured as well.

Took an overnight to my namesake/god-auntie's house in Sebastopol.  We had a campfire with wine and great conversation, and I did an early morning jog through the orchards the next day.  I also did an Enneagram and discovered I am a 7-- The Enthusiast/Epicure.

Just a pretty Oakland Sunset captured from my bedroom window.

Took a weekend trip to my Grandpa's house near Whiskytown Lake, and took the boat out for a picnic.

Found a bunch of old photos at my Grandpa's house, this one is of the two of us.  He calls me Katy-Bird.

My favorite place to sleep in the whole world, out on my Grandpa's porch during the summer.  Crickets singing, stars blarring.
Hiked out to Alamere Falls/ Bass Lake.  I grew up in West Marin and unbelievably had never been before.  Gonna go back with my bathing suit for a dip next time.

Bass Lake is a 3 mile hike in from Mesa Road in Bolinas.

The Falls.  Like Whoa.

Walked out to the new tower on the Bay Bridge.  Pretty awesome.  It's 7 miles round-trip though, so wear sunscreen {this dummy forgot}.

Got out my sandcasting tools to craft a special ring for a client who wanted to use silver her Dad had given her, in remembrance.  

The result.  

That about brings us up to date, friends.  xoxo

L O V E + M E T A L