RARITY // Giovanna Torrico

Lumen is a measure of the amount of visible light emitted by a source; Giovanna Torrico's Lumen Necklace has enough to read by.

The artist designed a series of just nine necklaces to be sold exclusively through Crown Nine (online and in-store) as a part of our Rarity series, a project that's mission is to connect the maker with the wearer to deepen and broaden our understanding and appreciation for things made by hand.

Giovanna is obsessed with textiles and has been working with vintage sequins that were manufactured in a period ranging from the mid 1800's to the 1960's.   Giovanna hunts these rare and disappearing little bits of history and strings them with the cleanest sensibility, resulting in striking contemporary designs that feel modern, timeless, and effortless.

The Lumen Necklace has a strand of vibrant/ psychedelic vintage sequins from the 1960's {the perfect pop of color for fall} nestled between oxidized sterling silver beads.

Visit Giovanna Torrico's Studio with photographer Eva Kolenko READ ON>>>

L OV E + M E T A L