Build Out Update Part Duex

The sign of a good days work: paint on hands, sawdust in hair, dug in dirt at the knees of your jeans.

The running joke this last couple weeks has been that if this jewelry business doesn't work out I'll definitely be able to make a living as a house painter.  Kate Ellen Paints.

A couple weeks ago (or days, not sure!) the amazing Audre Rae came through to take some snapshots of the progress of our build out, due to open this Friday, November 1st.  Audre has a killer eye, splitting her time between Madison, Wisconson and the Bay {duh}, so next time ya need some super rad photographs hit. her. up.  Like for realsies.  

Usually when a photographer comes out to shoot there is something pretty to capture, but we're in the midst of building something pretty.  I really credit Audre for capturing not only the process of making it happen, but the relationship of my Dad and I... it's super sweet....and also you can see me trying to boss him.  As if.

Even though the days are long, I have to say that I really have been relishing the work that we're doing... I love making something out of nothing, paying attention to the details that pull a space together, and learning new skillzzz.  So far, being a jeweler has also taught me skills in carpentry, laying cement, furniture restoration, installing flooring, creating signage, basic electrical, and managing the crew (in my case, the crew is my dad plus lots of awesome dude-friends who have totally thanklessly offered their bomb-dude services for no good reason except to be helpful...dang David/Josh/Nate!).

I cannot wait to share with you all my total-geek-out-dream-come-true space at 515 9th st.... come by this Friday and see it for yourself!  I'll give you silly high fives or weepy hugs, promise.  OM to the F-ing G.  

Here are some of Audre's photographs, enjoy!

My new Dream-Boat of a bench, drenched in light and happiness!

Oh friends... expect a different floor situation when you come in...

As Keelis said.... "She's bossy"

Bottles my dad dug up over the years as a construction worker + hammers

Probably my favorite photo... that is teamwork right thuuurrr

L O V E + M E T A L