Build Out Update

So many wonderful things are happening at once! The last couple weeks have felt like the day before Christmas with an almost unbearable excitement.  I had my last day in the original location, which was so bittersweet.  I love my neighbors and my landlord who have been so supportive and fun to work with, and I guess the upside is I'm only moving a block away so I can still go bug them.  It feels so strange to look back and realize its been two years-- so much has happened, but it feels like it went by in a flash.

The sweet is definitely there too; this move is so many things to me, a shift in not only how I operate the business but how I make my art.  Just all the light in the new studio space alone, I know, will change how I work and design.   I feel like a fully developed and matured vision is being birthed.

I am also really enjoying the build out process, getting a second draft on the store design, products, and aesthetic.  I also have to say that I am so touched by how many of my friends and family have volunteered to help--it really reminds me how important it is to thrown my entire support behind those around me as they attempt their own great adventures.  

Here are some photos from the last week, and stay tuned for more as the space comes together: