THIS IS OAKLAND // First Friday

Since opening Crown Nine two years ago, I've put on a new art opening every month for First Friday-- this year with the downright magical help of Barie Wolf-Bowen, our lead curator, and Britt Goh, our blogger/photographer/interviewer.  Now that we are moving down the street, I decided to push our October show to November and open Janis Anton's new works in the new space.  Which meant I had the night off, first time in two years!

I decided to go out and get a taste of what Oakland's First Friday/ Art Murmur has become in the last two years.  Here is a little recap of what I got up to:

Stopped by Oakland Surf Club to see the new show "Mwuah" by Lauren Crew

Just loved this small detail in their stairwell

Surf Club owners Ari, Max and baby Coco

Made a little addition to my Little Black Truck

Cannon Dill across from LeQuiVive Gallery

Met artist Katherine Rutter at the shop earlier in the day-- we are Instagram buddies so meeting in person was so awesome!  I felt like I was meeting a friend/celebrity at the same time.  Her work is amazing and opening tonight with a bunch of heavy hitters like John Casey, Max Kauffman, and Cannondill at LeQuiVive.

Stopped by Creative Growth to see what they were up to.   I probably spent the most time here really looking at the art and reading all the gorgeous books about the artists who work out of the studio.  

John Hiltunen at Creative Growth

The streets of what used to be a 'Mumur'... it was so packed that I just ducked in and out, trying to hit stuff on the side streets.

Live music at... well damn, I lost track of where I was!  It was so overwhelming I stopped taking pictures, but I stopped by Zerofriends, Oaktropolis, and a few other spots...

Next stop: Temescal Alley.  Here is Homestead Apothecary

Didn't snap a pic at Esqueleto, Lauren Wolf's jewelry boutique-- but I did stop by to see the new works by Adeline Jewelry, made by Lindsay Olsen.  Bomb.  

Marissa Haskell and Obi Kaufmann... like a boss x 2.  Marissa was hosting Obi, who you might recognize from Juniper Ridge, the wildcrafting fragrance company.  I met him as a fellow Hive studio-mate,  his artwork is phenomenal and always moves me... or should I stay stops me?  I always end up staring at the work he posts outside his studio door.  He had new works from the trail, and Marissa's store was stunning-- I was especially digging her new collection that features her own wax carved components.  Badass.

My spoils: Denim pencil skirt by Loup {Made in NY} from Oakland Surf Club, zine from LeQuiVive, and original drawing by Obi Kaufmann entitled "Turquoise Woman | Made of Water".

All these spots are open today, and you can beat the crowd of First Friday. So much good works to see. Lequivive's opening is tonight, and Femme Cartel is having an event at Classic Cars West that should be hyphy.

L O V E + M E T A L
Kate Ellen