Giving Thanks

My given name is Katherine Ellen, Ellen after my maternal grandmother who taught me many things, among them: Count Your Blessings. She would tell me this as a child whenever I had a complaint or needed a little insight.  She said it both in a disciplinary manner, as in, "kid, you better recognize," and in a life-affirming loving way as in, "isn't this world a gift!"  I will always love her for teaching me this, and even scientists now know that she was right-on. So cheers, and happy Thanksgiving.

My Favorite Things Photo Collaboration
Between Thanksgiving and New Year's I'll be sharing a photo a day via Instagram and Facebook of some of my favorite things in the shop as a part of my collaboration with the talented and up-and-coming photographer and blogger Miranda Wendorf, look for hashtag #favoritethings.  Follow along to see beautiful things made by real people, which is the whole passion and heart behind Crown Nine and Kate Ellen Metals.


11/27 |  9-2pm by buzzer
11/28 | Closed Thanksgiving Day
11/29 | 11-8pm for Plaid/ Black Friday with Sarah Swell Sample Sale
{link to Map of Oakland Retailers participating in Plaid Friday}
11/30 | 11-6pm
11/31 | 11-6pm

December Hours
11-7 Monday-Friday | 11-6 Saturday
11-5 Trunk Show Each Sunday, open til 6pm
10-3 Christmas Eve
Closed Christmas Day

*Since my work-studio is in the new location, I am often in the shop during "off" hours, so feel free to ring the doorbell, email or text ahead if you're in the neighborhood and want to come inside for some jewelry-bliss.

text 510.507.0789

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