I love photography-- so this month I'm collaborating with the talented Miranda Wendorf on a photo project called #favoritethings, which is just that: some cool photos of my favorite things in the shop.  I'm posting a pic a day on Instagram, but here are a sampling of last week's favorites in original format.  Enjoy!

P.S. We are officially on our Holiday Hours!  MON-FRI 11-7 and SAT-SUN 11-6

#favoritethings #1: my bench in the early morning light.  Can't imagine a better place to create.

#favotitethings #2: Miranda layered up with Stendhal from New York.  Love the gypsy inspired textures against this chambray.

#favoritethings #3: Petite rings from San Francisco designer Christy Natsumi.  Guiding star and Tenderhearts.  Catch her sample sale this upcoming Sunday, December 8th

#favoritethings #4:  The stunning work of SF designer Kirsten Muenster.  She hand crafts each link in these oversized chainmaille beauties.  She also gave us some stunning one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces, and earrings made from semi-precious stones.  

#favoritethings #5: Voce Keen rings for the goddess/witch/rock n roll vixen in you.

#favoritethings #6: The limited edition Chain Scarf by Boet of Portland OR.  Designer Emily Bixler only makes a handful of these puppies each year, we have only one left until next year.  Plush scarf with heavy chains that warm up against your body. 

#favoritesthings # 7: The Fishbone Earrings by Sarah Swell.  The perfect blend of feminine and edge.