The Big Fix

All week I've been coordinating the repair work at the shop-- fixing the damage a leak did to the floor while I was away on vacation in Yosemite.  It has been such a major education on so many things, and really has ended up being a really positive week.  We'll be open on Monday January 27th-- quite a bit sooner than I had anticipated which feels so good.

Right now the contractor is downstairs working on the new floor, and it already looks so amazing.  It feels so great to have an expert here doing such great work-- I'm super DIY at heart but wow, it really makes the difference to have someone who specializes in what you need.  I love seeing people shine at what they do, who take such pride in doing a job well and making sure it's just right.  You need a good floor guy, call Mark Gordillo.  He is a goddamn pro.

Some specialists came out to dry up the old floor

Packed everything up into a storage bin, chatted with the driver's 8 year old son about the differences between Oakland vs. San Jose

Removing the old floor, prepping the subfloor
Meanwhile I had some touch decisions to make at the store...

Current state of things... laying in a new strand bamboo floor.  Bamboo grows a foot a day so it is so much better for the environment-- no cutting down rain-forests for hardwood.

CrownNine | The Hottest New Stores in Oakland

In other news, we were honored to be mentioned in an article on Virgin Atlantic's blog.  I love how the Brits class up the spelling of 'Jewellery"... makes me sound so fancy.

Hottest New Stores In Oakland 

"Jeweller and Popuphood alum Kate Ellen has opened to a permanent space down the block due to her success with the program. At Crown Nine, she sells her jewellery, made from recycled metals, and also carries jewellery from other indie designers. When she opened three years ago, Ellen says Old Oakland was “sleepy and dead.”
Now it’s so not. New restaurants, shops and bars have lit up the historic buildings. The most vital day to visit, she says, is Friday when the Farmers' Market is in full swing."  READ ON >>>

See you Monday!