Honestly, I have never spent any time in Los Angeles... I guess I always figured it would be 'so LA'.  But to my surprise, Downtown LA really reminded me a lot of downtown Oakland.  Until recently it was dead quiet, a sort of no mans land sitting on a ton of beautiful architecture and history.  Developing these spaces is complicated to be sure, but watching a resergence of vitality is at the very least interesting.  Downtown LA has a lot of old theaters that are now being converted into other types of use, like the Ace Hotel and some as churches.  

The Ace DTLA | Hipster Paradise

Within a short walk of the Ace, we found Umami Burger, Aesop, Tanner Goods, and Botega Louie.  The old buildings are housing thriving businesses with a real strong aesthetic influence, mingling up with the gritty nature of the surrounding streets.  Kind of like our home Town.
We were in the cross section of the fashion district and jewelry district, the clothing was a total knock out.  We joked the whole time that us Bay Area girls are so tomboyish and practical.  Seeing all the fashion, ranging from bohemian to avant garde to beach bunny, really made me think about being a bit more adventurous with my clothing... We'll see about that.  
Here are some out takes from our week, enjoy!

Rooftop views at the Ace

A beautiful place to unwind after a long day

Pretty tiles in the Ace Cafe 

View from my bed, an old Jesus Saves neon sign from a now defunct evangelical church

Jewelry | Diamonds

The Empire |  prettiest building downtown 

The Dude Abides

Church | Theatre

Tanner Goods

Baco Mercat

Ace Rooftop

Coeur showroom floor

DTLA Murals


L O V E + M E T A L