FIRST FRIDAY // Loren Crosier

Vintage Working Women magazines are among the artist's favorite sources.

This year we are focusing our curating down to quarterly exhibits.  I decided to focus on a few artists each year so that we can really be selective about each show, work collaboratively to bring the best work out of each artist, and to really focus on works that will be beautiful additions to the home.  I have my own personal collection of original artwork, each piece really adds true happiness and meaning to my life.  I want my clients to have that same feeling while enjoying time at home.

Our first artist this year, Loren Crosier, is a young graphic designer/ fine artist/ photographer.  Her show is a collection of collages that draw upon her own personal archive of printed source materials, 10 years in the making.  Each composition is then a bit of an aesthetic autobiography, and their dreamy, light lush, and ethereal moods resonate like a Uta Barth photograph.

Opening Reception
March 7th | First Friday

Show runs through end of April, open for viewing 
Monday-Friday 12- | Saturday 12-5.

Enjoy a few outtakes from Loren's other work
Megan McIsaac 1.jpg



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