ASTRAL DECKS by Obi Kaufmann

 I first met Obi back when my studio was at The Hive.  I've been following his art ever since, so when I saw that he was in the process of creating his own 'tarot' deck based on the stars of the Northern hemisphere, I had to get my hands on them.

I love any tool that helps shift perspective and gets me out of a mental rut.  Sometimes these tools are the kind words of a friend, a song, a piece of art on a wall in a museum, astrology readings, a good self-helpie book, an inspiring quote, whatever... as long as it makes me consider a different perspective.  I often find myself guarding my own little worldview and position, and these little tools chip away at that protective instinct, in the best of scenarios absolutely exploding my old ideas apart.  I like that.  Let's shift paradigms, like on the regular.

The Astral Deck is a really self guided tool, simply open the deck and go for it.  Inspiration is to be had in the characters taken directly from the night sky, from the forms Obi calls into the world, and from our own connection to the people we are with.  Get hella deep with it or just make it a way to kill time when the sun goes down on a camping trip.

The decks are available in the store and online | $25