Oakland Rising // Old Oakland Tour

Old Oakland has changed so much since I first opened shop here over two years ago.  We all had a dream that if we built it, they would come.  And they have come.  The street is constantly buzzing with people coming to enjoy the incredible restaurants and retail-- what use to be dead and asleep for years and years is now alive and full of energy.

I was sitting out in front of Caffe 817 this morning with my pal Josh {who manages the Friday Farmers Market}, and each of us enjoying a cup of coffee while waving and saying hey to all our neighbors and fellow business owners.  I turned to him and just said, "God I love this neighborhood!"  It's so true that a place is made up of it's people, and I really love the people here.

This is Oakland is book soon to be release featuring a few Oakland neighborhoods, Old Oakland among them.  Lonny asked the book's author and photographer, Melissa Davis and Kirsten Loken respectively, to take them on a walking tour of one featured neighborhood from the book.  Here is their walking tour of Old Oakland.  Enjoy!