Sarah Swell Showroom // Sausalito CA

I cannot say enough about this woman.  

Sarah and I met years ago when both of us just had young little burgeoning businesses, each working hard to get an opportunity that would start opening up doors.  She and our friend Christine Aiko helped open the 'pop-up' version of Crown Nine, and stood by my side as I experienced the ups-and-downs of the shop growing up over the last few years.  Now I am beyond thrilled to see one her dreams come true: her own showroom/studio.  The wait was well worth it.

Just like the aesthetic of her jewelry design, the shop is timeless and exquisitely designed with a magical balance of refinement and edge.  Each little nook is cared for, I can see Sarah in every little detail.  She is offering alongside her jewelry and bridal collection, a super well-curated assortment of beautiful objects--blankets, incense, mirrors, bags, scents, ceramics, and her own vintage collection of jewelry that she has been gathering for years, bringing to life her tagline 'precious metal treasures and accessories for life.'

Sarah will be there throughout the week, balancing working on her jewelry design and operating the showroom to clients and passersby.  Caledonia Street is a sweet little walk up from gorgeous views of the bay, you can make a whole day of exploring the area and eating out.  Go visit her, it's a must.  

Congrats Sarah-- your vision is simply stunning xo