Go Far // Desolation Wilderness

This week I took a couple days off to go backpacking with some of my bro-dudes in Desolation Wilderness, just west of Lake Tahoe.  We started our journey at Echo Lake and walked 26 miles to Emerald Bay, camping out at a couple lakes along the way.  Our trail was an overlapping route of The Pacific Crest Trail that extends from Mexico to Canada, and the Tahoe Rim Trail that wraps the circumference of the lake, the terrain littered with stunning swim spots and wildflowers.  This time of year the thru-hikers on the PCT are walking this stretch and we were lucky enough to meet a bunch of them and ask them about their trip.  Here are some of my favorite outtakes from the journey, enjoy.

Dick's Pass overlooking Dick's Lake and Fontinellis Lake

Morning view at Middle Velma Lake


Josh getting ready to fish

Lake Aloha

Campsite at Lake Gilmore

Bro-ing it out with my crew plus Michael, a PCT hiker who stayed a night with us


L O V E + M E T A L