Origins // Tyson Miller of T.Morgan Made

It's my honor to introduce you to one of the boys of our Crown Nine crew, hailing from Los Angeles.  In his words, his line is "LA born.  LA bred.  LA made."  Tyson is one of the nicest dudes you can be lucky enough to come across, and a talent to boot.  His recent work has been a study in the deconstruction of form, beautiful little geometric shapes with jagged textures that read as earthy and modern. Tyson also works in precious metals, jamming out wedding rings and bands (total stunners).  He has lots of stuff for the guys, as like all my favorite designers, he first began by making work for himself.  The gravitational pull of collections that originate in this way are magical, they result in connection with other people who spin in the same orbit-- and we're definitely spinning in his.  

Here is more from my conversation with Tyson, enjoy.

KE: Why do you make art?

TM: Because it’s good for the soul, the simple act of creating something with my hands makes me unspeakably happy. That and it beats working in an office all day. 

KE:  Current obsessions?

TM:  Trying to make something so good it’s impossible for you to see it and not want it. That and


so follow me ok! 

KE:  I'll be sure to plug you, haha

KE:  What artwork or artists influence your work?

TM:  I’m most inspired by my friends who are fellow jewelry designers and also anyone/everyone who is out there on their own making things. Whether it’s jewelry or letterpress or screen printing or craft beer or whatever, independent makers putting their heart and soul into making something to share with the rest of us is awesome. 

KE:  How do you want someone to feel while wearing your work?

TM:  Confident and comforted, like it feels strange when they aren’t wearing it.

KE:  How do you know when a piece is finished?

TM:  When I’m happy with the way it looks, it’s as simple and difficult as that. That’s the beauty of being my own boss though, I get to just decide when it’s done. 

KE:  What do you admire in other people?

TM:  I’m a bit of an introvert so I admire the opposite, unabashed extroversion. People who can just talk to anyone and be comfortable anywhere without really trying. Also people who are genuinely kind without expecting anything in return are pretty amazing too.

KE:  What special talent would you choose if you could magically gain one?

TM:  The ability to give hilarious and insightful interviews. 

KE:   Touché, haha!

KE:  How does destruction play a role in your work?

TM:  I agree with Graham Greene, “…destruction after all is a form of creation”. Destroying one piece often leads to the creation of something entirely new so I try to embrace it. In fact the Jagged collection was born because I broke a wax in the carving process.

KE:  What design are you most proud of/ sentimental/ moved by?

TM:  My California born & bred necklace and my two finger bar ring. I originally made them for myself just because I wanted to have them only to have other people like them enough to want one too.

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