This Is Oakland // Maple Street Denim

First off, imagine me squealing with excitement and doing a massively embarrassing happy dance.

Now that that is out of the way, may I introduce you to my new neighbor: Julie of Maple St Denim.

The Maple Street motto: "Quality Clothing for Quality People."

You, dear reader, are said quality people, so get your cute little butt down to her shop and let her work her magic on you.  Julie has helped me pick out jeans over the years (she used to work at Slash Denim) and never failed to get me into the exact right size and fit.  In general, she make me feel like a goddamn boss in some boss-ass jeans.  She is a denim wizard.


I made Julie gimme the low-down on her and the shop, enjoy!

What is your philosophy for picking out the right pair of jeans with a client?

The goal is to always get somebody into jeans that are going to make them feel really good, so getting the right fit is the most important thing.  So I always ask first what kind of cut they want (skinny, straight, boot cut, etc) and then we go from there. Having a deep knowledge of my inventory and knowing how everything is cut makes it easy.   I usually start by grabbing a few pairs for them and asking them to SHOW me the way they fit when they’re on. Once I see them on, I can really hone in and see what is working or what isn’t.  Interesting fact, about 90% of people think they have “weird bodies” and “jeans never fit” but the fact is, they just haven’t ever bought the right thing, nobody’s body is actually weird. That is like my personal crusade, especially for women…. stop blaming your body!  As far as knowing what size people are, I just have special denim magic that I can’t really explain.  I’ve just been doing it a long time and have gotten good at knowing sizes almost just by looking.

Top things in the shop you are bananas about?

1.  Outerwear from Gerald & Stewart by Fidelity: Amazing outerwear for men and women, made in Boston by a company that started out as a contractor for the US Navy since 1941. Incredible craftsmanship, jackets that you’ll have the rest of your life

2.  Levi’s Made & Crafted - Marker tapered boyfriend cut for women - finally a boyfriend fit that isn’t just men’s jeans with a higher price tag. Tapered and slim through the leg with a looser fitting, comfy top. Perfect every day jeans in a super soft fabric.

3.  Nooworks dresses - Made in the Bay Area! Two styles, lots of prints and fabrics, super flattering easy to wear dresses with an incredible price point. Been selling through these like crazaaaayyyyyy

Top things you are massively pumped for?

1.  My grand opening party tomorrow!

2.  Plaid Friday!

3.  Trunk show with James Jeans

4.  Starting my very own brand of denim! This could take some time, but I’m really really really excited about getting started

What’s the deal with The Boss?

Are you kidding? What ISN’T the deal with the BOSS? I have been a big fan of Bruce Springsteen since I was a little kid. The first big concert I ever went to was the Boss in 6th grade with my best friend Meaghan Moran and her mom. It was the Tunnel of Love Express Tour, which for Boss fans we know is kinda lame, but I was 11, so give me a break. His songs have always just resonated with me and I think he’s got a really insightful view on our culture.  Most people just think of Born in the USA when they think of the Boss and they think it’s like this rah-rah-rah USA!USA!USA! fight song, but it isn’t. His songs are both a celebration of America and a harsh critique of what is wrong with it. I could always relate to that. Mostly being a Boss Nerd Superfan is really just funny. I mean, it’s Bruce F**king Springsteen. His live shows are legendary and it’s no exaggeration. He’s an incredible performer. Also, I touched him once. So basically we’re best friends.