Our New Dot Com-a-Rama!

So excited to share our new and improved site! This is more than just being a user experience improvement (though let us take a moment to brag a little about all that):

  • Easier check out
  • Better shipping options (including same day bike courier service by our pals at Pedal Express!)
  • Tons of new inventory
  • A bunch of other little things that you won't actively notice but will improve how you feel cruising the site

This change is super close to my heart because it represents to the total and complete merging of me as an artist with me as a shop owner. For the past three years I have been running two websites (and two businesses really) -- one for my line and one for the shop. With all the wonderful support and love we've gotten from our beloved YOU, it became time to just be just one thing

Enjoy! And hit us up with feedback if you love it/hate it/ catch any weird bananatown stuff going on!

xoxo Kate Ellen