The Jeweler's Apron

So excited to launch this super special project! I've been hankering for an apron that would fit all my needs in the studio--it's surprisingly tricky to find one that covers me and fits me the way I want. So I partnered with GDS Cloth Goods to design a better unisex workshop apron geared specifically to the needs of jewelers but adaptable to any craft.

Needless to say we are all pretty psyched for this release. Not only will we be rocking them out in our studio, but you can get yours for $90, available only through Crown Nine in-store and online.

These aprons were made for hard wear with durable Japanese selvage denim and sturdy reinforcements.  The fabric wraps and covers the most vulnerable parts of the skin and clothing, covering to the knee and around the whole hip and thigh (for your metalsmiths out there that means there will be no gap in your lap when you pull out your bench tray).  Plenty of material to wipe off dirty hands without a worry and no more walking out of the studio with dust from thigh to foot.  

Adjustable bib and waist straps make it simple to fit the apron to any body type, job application, or fit preference.  With an over-sized protective waxed cotton V-pocket to keep tools or phone close by, work can keep flowing without interruption. Jewelers, woodworkers, painters, cooks, ceramicists and all tradespeople will appreciate the attention to the details.

This is an apron for real people making real objects.