Practicing Self-Love

Most of us have been told that in order to love others, we need to love ourselves first.  The idea seems simple enough but what about putting it into practice? The practice of self-love is unique to each person but here are a few of my faves that keeps the love for myself flowin.'

Daily check in's- After thinking about whatever the multitude of daily tasks are I need to accomplish, I try to check in with myself.  And then again throughout the day. How am I feeling? Have I provided for myself- to the best of my ability- the things I need to get through the day? Have I taken the time to do something that fulfills me? I try to acknowledge the answers and find solutions 

Gratitude-  I find the simple act of applying lotion connects me to a powerful level of gratitude for my body. While massaging my feet, I thank them for keeping me standing. If my muscles are sore, I thank them for working hard and keeping me strong. Any less than great thoughts that come up quickly get pushed out of the way as I reflect on how grateful I am for what I have. I thank my hands for allowing me to type these words.  

Treat Yourself- Whether it be a hike on my favorite trail, a pedicure from my favorite salon, or a piece of jewelry I've been eyeing, it's so nice and rewarding to do something truly for myself. And when you're feeling the love for yourself it radiates outward and others can feel it too.