At Hannah House

Our secret project revealed: a studio photoshoot of my new collection, Seven, at Hannah House in West Oakland. The studio is owned by designer and blogger Emma Dime who we've collaborated with on a number of projects (because she's amazing and so uplifting to be around). The space is light drenched and dreamy-- when walking in the front door there is transportation to a whole other world, one of ultra modern and minimalist architecture and design. It's almost as if the stripped down bareness of the space creates a vacuum, a void, into which a creative mind can fill with musings, magic and inspiration. There is room for new ideas. 

The concept for the shoot was to draw upon the simple and straightforward lines, softer and more feminine energy of my new collection of work. No fuss. Just black and white and jewelry.

Photographer Lauren Crew immediately understood what I wanted months go when we started the project. Her intuitive sense is highly active and makes her an incredible creative partner. She hears what you want and then takes it a step farther, goes a little deeper. Having a vision in one's mind and then having to rely on and trust other people to execute is both exhilerating and terrifying. When it doesn't work there are feelings of frustration, incompleteness, doubt. When it works, it is almost indescribable. It affirms how wonderful the world is when we remain open, allow other people in, relinquish control, and let things flow. Rarely do we experience such deep connection.

Thank you to everyone involved in the collaboration. Model Abbie Leigh who brought so much to the feeling I was hoping for; make up artist and hair stylist Erin Clark, Lauren of course, Emma for hosting, and my aces Christina and Solee. Mad love!