Trunk Show // BCE Jewelry


Based in Carmel, CA Becca Cass of BCE Jewelry creates one of kind "future heirlooms." Working exclusively in 14k gold and precious gems, her line is refined yet organic.  Her pairing of turquoise and 14k yellow gold is truly next level. We love her work for feeling at once ancient and contemporary, mixing what we love most about earthiness with delicacy and refinement.

In her own words, "My love for jewelry started at a young age when my grandmother gave me a few turquoise rings that my father had made in the 70's. From then on I was hooked, my passion only grew when I studied art history in school and learned all about jewelry in ancient civilizations. Fast forward 10 years and I still draw my inspiration from the same place, that and my stack of books on Greek, roman, Egyptian, and Byzantine jewelry. That's where the name of my business comes from, B.C.E. Jewelry standing for before common era. "

Meet Becca here at the shop on December 12 from 12-5 and peep these beauties and more in person.