Do What you Love

One of the greatest loves is the one that you have for your work. Finding what you love to do is just as hard as finding someone to spend the rest of your days with. It takes a lot of time, honesty and dedication to decide what it is that makes you happy and to make it happen. If you do happen to find that thing, or if you're still searching, I've found a little advice that has helped me.

1. Take baby steps
Nothing great happens overnight. Be patient with yourself and take small steps forward.

2. Don't be a complainer
If there is something about your life that you don't love then you always have the power to change it.

3. Follow your instincts
You know what's best for you! Listen to your gut.

4. If an opportunity scares you, take it.
You will always learn the most about yourself and what you truly love when you are taken out of your comfort zone

5.  Find like minded people
If you want to love what you do then surrounded yourself with people who love what they do! Collaborate and listen

6. Ignore the haters
Doing what you love takes guts! Don't let negativity stop you

7. Inspire others
By doing what you love, you inspire an awaken the hearts of others

- Solee