La La La Love

As sentiments turn towards all things heart-shaped this month, we thought it would be fun to share our own feelings and musings on love and its' many different forms.


As a kid, Valentine's wasn't about crushes or romance but about about picking out my Valentine's card kit at the grocery store. Next task: sitting down at the coffee table to think about each kid in my class, asking myself, "why do I like this person? What nice thing do I have to say to them"? Granted, some classmates were easier to like than others, but maybe stretching to find something I adored about someone I found generally difficult was where the real magic laid. Not a bad idea to take the same approach today as an adult. Who doesn't love a little note that says, "Hey man, I kinda dig you! You're pretty funny/cool/smart/helpful/inspiring"? 

Valentine's doesn't have to be a day dedicated to the dichotomy of the haves and have-nots of romantic love.  We all are givers of love. If we're lucky, we're also good at receiving love. Let's celebrate that.

xoxox smoochie heart lovie dovie til the day I die,

Kate Ellen