Cousin <3

My cousins are like brothers and sisters to me. We were lucky enough to grow up near each other in age and geography, our parents spending weekends swapping kids for overnights with all the ups and downs of sibling-like-hood. There are 11 of us, now ranging eldest at 38 and youngest at 23, and I for one am keeping the dream alive that our hypothetical children will grow up in a messy slumber party mess, sneaking food into the movie theater with auntie and accidentally getting a little sunburned on too long a day at the beach.

My baby cousin, Carl, popped by the shop a couple weeks ago with cousin Noe who is getting married in October. {I did Noe's engagement ring and am working on the wedding bands.} I gave them the tour and took them across the street for tacos and beer at Cosecha.

Carl was always an artist. Here are some images he took while us cousins hung out. Enjoy!