Giving thankzzzzz

Hi pals and friends.

I'm writing to say thank you: to you, to the world, to the whole mystery of the whole dang universe. Many times this year--one that was personally filled with a lot of loss and grief-- I returned to this... to remember to say thanks.

It isn't trite. It is a real mindful practice of acknowledging the presence of beauty and pleasure even in the most fucked-uppity of times. Goods days and bad, the list is long. T

I'm thankful for:


Healthy, functioning amazing body that can feel deeply and sensitively and is ALIVE

Love. It's true nature is limitless and infinite. There is always enough and more.

Caroline is grateful for:

my grandma who fought so hard to give herself and her children a better life, she has always been strong and beautiful to me, and every time I visit she makes us sooo much food because making food for your family is an act of love.

my friends and chosen family who endlessly inspire me to be more generous, think creatively, and love for the sake of loving.

the people who have remained at Standing Rock, who have endured it all, for the indigenous people who continue to fight for our right to clean water, who protect sacred Native land and stand with each other because their hearts and minds are strong. Because they truly care for our earth.

Christina is grateful for:

The wonderful women I work with, my health, my husband & Luna

Erin is grateful for:

California, my Meemaw, my craft and art