Flash Bridal Auction

We are hosting a flash auction of discontinued bridal styles in 14k gold, diamonds, precious gemstones and will be donating 10% of proceeds to Youth Radio.

Why Youth Radio? From experience we know how creativity can transform us. Youth Radio creates quality experiences for young people who develop content that is entertaining, insightful and gives voice to youth across all of Oakland whom might otherwise not have a platform. We also love that simultaneously that they develop real world skills that can be used in a creative career. As a listener, Kate Ellen is an enthusiastic fan often catching herself overcome with emotion while listening driving around The Town.

In their words: 
"Youth Radio is an award-winning media production company that trains diverse young people in digital media and technology. Partnering with industry professionals, students learn to produce marketable media for massive audiences while bringing youth perspectives to issues of public concern."

"Our mission is to launch young people on career and education pathways by engaging them in work-based learning opportunities, creative expression, professional development, and health and academic support services."

- See more at: https://youthradio.org/about/#sthash.Aq9k3xOC.dpuf

Auctioned pieces are AS-IS (i.e. no re-sizing, customizing, or altering of any sort)

The auction will run from 2/16- 2/19