GoldenBug Childrens' Shoes

Remember the trip to the shoe store as a kid? I remember the drive, all of us kids unloading an walking into that delicious rubbery smell and readying our tiny feet for the measuring tools and mirrors and wonderfully new shoes. A special experience to say the least.  

...and that's why we are beyond stoked that our pals Emily and Scott from our go-to coffee joint, Caffe 817, are opening up brick-and-mortar children's shoe store right here in Old Oakland.

They are crowdfunding $25k to get their dream off the ground, and we in turn will get a real-life family-centered shoe store for our kids. Pledge $500 and get the special GoldenBug necklace I made for the campaign (so cute!), lots of other cool rewards to be found here along with all the project plans.

Support our Oakland locals! We do! xoxo