ORIGINS // Kristi Sword

Up next in our ORIGINS series, we're chatting with another of our newer house artists Kristi Sword.  Based out of Brooklyn, Kristi creates minimal, elegant pieces with slight movement in bright and oxidized sterling silver along with 18k gold.

Enjoy! xo

C9: Why do you make art? 

KS: I make art as a meditative process. I use repetition as a way to clear my head.

C9: What themes are in your current work? 

KS: repetition, play, transformation, material exploration 

C9: How has your work changed over time? 

KS: It has become more process driven.

C9: Current obsessions? 

KS: making! always!

C9: Best piece of advice you have gotten? 

KS: Keep it simple

C9: What artwork or artists influence your work? 

KS: Gego, Lygia Clark, Ruth Asawa, Agnes Martin, Jessica Stockholder, Sarah Sze. I don’t know if these artists influence my work, I just really like their work.

C9: How do you want someone to feel while wearing your work? 


C9: How do you know when a piece is finished? 

KS: Intuition

C9: What do you admire in other people? 

KS: People who serve social causes, who have the power and willingness to help out others in need.

C9: What special talent would you choose if you could magically gain one?  

KS: drummer or ballet dancer

C9: How does destruction play a role in your work? 

KS: When I’m broke I send old work to the refinery. Usually quite a few years after making it so I am no longer attached. There have been a few times i have regretted melting old projects down, but i needed the cash. 

C9: What design are you most proud of/ sentimental/ moved by?   

KS: I think I am finally proud of a few of the first pieces I ever made. It takes awhile. 15 years to reflect and say hey, maybe they weren’t that bad.

photo credit: Carrol Cruz and Jacob Sadrak

Tush Magazine editorial feature.

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