Around Town with Solee // part 1


Kronner Burger:

There are some things about living in the bay area that are unavoidable. One major thing is constantly hearing about restaurants that you "must" try. A couple of weeks ago I finally got a chance to try the highly discussed Kronner burger. I have been in love ever since. Its served medium rare and its the juiciest thing you will ever eat. They also have some other amazing options and a great drink list. The onion rings are a "must" have and the decor is flawless. What more could you ask for. 


Piedmont Springs

What I'm about to tell you stays between you and I. Heaven is real and its located in Piedmont. Piedmont springs is a "hidden" gem that will change your life. They offer private, outdoor hot tubs that are surrounded by cedar. Sitting there soaking, you are instantly transported to your very own vacation spot. I've been by myself when it was raining and with the boo on a nice day and both times were magical. Did I mention that the hot tubs are $18 an hour! There is nothing more affordable and relaxing anywhere in the world. Piedmont Springs is open 7 days a week from 11-10. My advice to you is to call at the beginning of the week and try and book in advance or put your name on the cancellation list. You can thank me later. 


Rare Bird:

Rare Bird is probably the cutest store I've ever been in. The shop is owned by Erica Skone-Reesand you can feel her love and inspiration as soon as you walk in. There are little nooks of treasures everywhere you look. Rare Bird carries a mixture of locally made goods along with vintage finds for men and women. If you are looking for that gift for that person that has everything, this is the place to come. You will not leave without finding that perfect something. 

That amazing Wall boombox is made by Matt, Rare Bird’s builder and crafter. He builds these by hand using reclaimed wood! So cool. Check Matt out here,