Around Town with Solee // part 2

Mercy Vintage:

I'm going to admit that I have a huge crush on this store. Not only is the selection on point but the ladies who run the show are super babes. Mercy Vintage is Karen Anderson Fort and Rachel Cubra. Karen is also the co-owner of Neighbor. As soon as you walk into the store you are made to feel welcome and encouraged to play dress up. Every item in the shop has character and screams individuality and quality. I could have easily spent all day here. They also have an amazing vintage jewelry collection. Do not come here if you are looking to not be tempted. You will end up leaving with a lifelong treasure. 

Good Stock:

What is a girl to do if she wants beautiful skin and fun makeup but does not want to cover herself in harsh, environment ruining chemicals? Go to Good Stock! The name says it all. They have an amazing selection of micro-produced products that are good for you and also very pretty. Along with offering full spa services like facials and waxing, they also showcase gifts and accessories. 


Neighbor is exactly what I would like my Home to look like one day. The shop was created by Karen Anderson-Fort and Dana Olson, who are also the owners of Good Stock and Mercy Vintage. I am currently Manifesting the dream that one day I can own everything in the store. From bedding to light fixtures to textiles, its all beautiful and I need it all. check it out for yourself!