Today we release my new collection of Vow rings, the inspiration is green: lush, life giving, heart. Over the years of working intimately with clients it's become clear that people form bonds on attraction and compatibility of course, but what usually births an unbreakable bond and trust is overcoming adversity together--facing what life offers to you whether you're prepared or not. I've seen it time and again and it always inspires. 

This tough sweetness stayed with me throughout the year in my garden, in my travels to lush jungles, on my backpacking trips into the wilderness. The simple knowing that life has it's own natural cycles and rhythms and we are so lucky to be here to see them all--to witness them in our world and to feel it deeply in the heart. My hope is these rings are worn with love for another, love for the natural wonders of the world, and also an abiding love for oneself and the full, full life you aim to live.

Love + Metal,

Kate Ellen

And a note about process and materials: All the diamonds in this collection are old minecut or old european cut antiques, some dating as far back as 1800. Green sapphires are fair-trade mined. Metal is recycled. All designs are ready to ship as-is or can be made-to-order with all kinds of options including changes in metal and stone color/type.